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441 Hank Rivers
CD D 441

HANK LaRIVIERE (Hank Rivers) B.A.C.M. 441

Our first compilation from this legend of Canadian country, fine singer/songwriter/yodeler. Includes his most popular “Maple Sugar Sweetheart” as well as covers of songs made famous by Jimmie Rodgers, Wilf Carter, Cliff Carlisle and Gene Autry.

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Track listing:

- Hurrah For Camp Borden
- Soldier's Farewell
- Longing For Old Alberta
- Where The St Lawrence River Flows
- Henry's Lonesome Blues
- Blue Yodeler
- Ballad Of Rodger Young
- Goodbye Mary Dear
- Big Chief Buffalo Nickle "Desert Blues"
- The Train's Late Tonight
- Gangster's Warning
- Singing Wheels
- Ranger Speaks
- Little Johnny's Last Ride
- Maple Sugar Sweetheart
- Hank's Traveling Blues
- How My Yodeling Days Began
- Your Turn To Cry
- Arreter Regarder Ecouter
- Stop, Look And Listen
- Banjo Sam
- Talk About Hawaii “Everybody Does It In Hawaii”
- Rose From The Garden Of Prayer
- Patrick Murphy
- Uncle Sammy Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You
- Barnyard Twist
- Harbour Of Regret
- Hobo Bill > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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