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Hank Keene
CD D 203

HANK KEENE & His Gang CD 203

Multi instrumentalist Keene along with his multi-talented group - which includes yodeler Georgia Mae - with a nice big assortment of songs - 43 in total, up-liftingly upbeat. Good diversity of backing styles make this a really great listen.

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Track listing:

- Love Flew Out The Window When My Mother In Law Flew In
- When Willie The Hillbilly Goes To Town
- I'll Meet You Way Up Yonder
- When I Throw My Lariat Around My Sweet Harriet
- I Love The Land Where The Pines Touch The Sky
- Never Sock Your Father With A Hammer
- Bully Song
- Hillbilly Boogie
- Hold Me In Your Arms And Say You Love Me
- Let Me Sing In My Saddle
- Down In Possum Hollow
- Easy Rider Come Back To Me
- Ridin' And Bidin' My Time
- I Want To Ride The Trail
- When Our Hillbilly Band Gets On The Air
- Your Lonesome Daddy Loved You
- My Darling Cora
- When It's Harvest Time In Old New Hampshire
- Lover's Farewell
- Take Me Back To My Shack In The Mountains
- Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
- Life Will Be Sad Without Home Sweet Home
- On The Party Line
- There's A Little White Chuch On A Little Green Hill
- Where's My Other Foot
- I Want Somebody To Love Me
- Knock Kneed Lizzie Brown
- Shake My Mother's Hand For Me
- Change Your Sadness To A Smile
- Place your Hand Upon My Brow Dear
- Don't Ever Leave Me
- Rickett's Hornpipe
- I Love To Yodel In The Mountains
- Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
- There's An Old Wishing Well
- Waltz Of The Hills
- Money Musk
- I'm So Happy When The Sun Is Shining
- Ned Kendall's Hornpipe
- Durang's Hornpipe
- My Own Little Summer Tune
- Then On That Great Judgement Day
- I Love Him

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Price: USD $16.00           

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