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Down Under Country-532
CD D 532

G’ DAY – Country Music From Down Under. BACM CD 532

Some fine country music emerged from Australia and New Zealand from the 1930s onwards, much of it influenced by Jimmie Rodgers, Gene Autry, Wilf Carter and English yodeller Harry Torrani. BACM have already issued around ten CDs by some of the best known ‘Down Under’ Artistes, including Tex Morton (BACM CD 101), Buddy Williams (CD 155) and Slim Dusty (CD 60). This latest CD introduces several lesser known artistes, from across the decades and with a wide range of styles. Fans of ‘Yodelling Country’ in particular will enjoy.

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Track listing:

- Have You Ever Been Lonely : The B-B-Q Girls

Spitfire The Outlaw : Buddy Bishop

Old Buffalo Trail : Laurie Croisette with Herbie Marks

Headin' Back To Town : Bert Gill & Keith Russell

Caribbean : Johnny Hamblyn

My Daddy Was A Yodelin' Cowboy : June Holmes

The Drover's Song : Rickie Jones

The Teardrop Waltz : Tommy Mack & His Overlanders

Outlaw Bumble Bee : Kid Mahoney

Cabin In The Hills Of Old Wyoming : Joan Martin & Eric Tutin with Sundowners

The Happy Bushman : Gordon Parsons

Yodelling Boy : George Payne

Once I Was Happy : Ron Peters

The Wanderer : Dusty Rankin

King Of The Brumbies : Johnny Rivers

Poor Ned Kelly : Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn

She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain : Bob Dyer

Night Time In Nevada : The Singing Stockmen

Song Of The Aussies : Clem Rogers

Bow Legged Stockman : Buddy Williams

Ragtime Cowboy Joe : Berry Sisters

Harry The Breaker : Slim Dusty

Chasin' Sorts In Childers : Chad Morgan

Shearin' Time : Arthur Blanche

Chicken Yodel : Tex Croft

I Want To Go Back To The Farm : Buddy Bishop

Price: USD $16.00           

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02 Spitfire The Outlaw - Buddy Bishop

25 Chicken Yodel - Tex Croft