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CD D 146

FAIRLEY HOLDEN I’ve Got Blues To Spare. B.A.C.M. 146

Some 1940s bluesy, comic-country here on these 25 recordings, sung with Holden's distinctive infectious raw delivery.

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Track listing:

- Keep Them Cold Icey Fingers Off Of Me
- Port To Portal Pay
- Intoxicated Rat
- I've Got Blues To Spare
- Move It On Over
- There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat
- Coo-Se-Coo
- Put Some Meat On Them Bones
- Long Long Dresses
- Don't Monkey 'Round My Widder
- She's Some Daisy For 19 years Old
- Graveyard Light
- You've Been A Bad, Bad, Bad Little Girl
- Oh That Naggin' Wife Of Mine
- It'll Make A Change In Business All Around
- Papa's Getting Old
- The Lady And The Soldier
- From Lexington To Louisville
- Little Maggie
- Heartbroken, Lonesome And Blue
- I'm A Married Man
- That's Why I'm Crying In My Sleep
- Keep Them Cold Icey Fingers Off Of Me
- Keep Them Cold Icey Fingers Offa Me
- I Know You Don't Love Me Like You Used To > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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