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CD D 147


35 transcriptions for radio, recorded 1939/40 by this influential hillbilly band led by Ezra Paulette (vocal, yodel, fiddle) and which featured an ever changing line up of superb musicians including Hank Skillet (fiddle) and Zeke Manners (accordion).

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Track listing:

- Rocky Mountain Express
- When It's Prayer Meeting Time In The Hollow
- Old Corral
- Git On The Golden Train
- Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along
- Santa Fe Trail
- Ridin' Old Paint
- My Little Cow Pony And I
- Wait For The Wagon
- Texas Plains
- Uncle Noah's Ark
- Wagon Train
- I Picked Up The Trail When I Found You
- Just Come On Back
- Ridin' Down The Canyon
- Sky Ball Paint
- I'm Dreaming Tonight Of My Darling
- Give Me A Home On The Plains
- When The Wild Flowers Are In Bloom
- When The Moon Shines Down On The Mountains
- When Pay Day Rolls Around
- At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail
- Girl Who Played Injun With Me
- Indian Stomp (instr.)
- Keep A Light In Your Window Tonight
- I Long For The Hills Of Wyoming
- Ezekiel Saw De Wheel
- Nancy Till
- Happy Rovin' Cowboy
- Ride 'Em Ride 'Em Cowboy
- Climbin' Up The Golden Stairs
- I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart
- Ridin' Home
- At The End Of The Lane
- We'll See The Hard Times Through > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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