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CD D 632

EDDY ARNOLD – Cattle Call. BACM CD 632

Our first collection of Eddy Arnold recordings including several from the late 1940s to early 50s when he scored a string of hits including Bouquet Of Roses and Anytime and was the best selling country star, even outselling Hank Williams. A fine country crooner as much at home with up tempo foot tappers as with country ballads.

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Track listing:

- Im Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
- Prisoners Song
- When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
- Roll Along Kentucky Moon
- Somebodys Been Beatin My Time
- Bundle Of Southern Sunshine
- Bouquet Of Roses
- Texarkana Baby
- Anytime
- Thats How Much I Love You
- A Full Time Job
- Moonlight And Roses
- Im Gonna Lock My heart
- Free Home Demonstration
- Mama Come And Get Your Baby Boy
- Hep Cat Baby
- Cattle Call
- Just Call Me Lonesome
- Bayou Baby
- Rockin Mockin Bird
- "Casey Jones, The Brave Engineer"
- Ballad Of Wes Tancred
- Gonna Find Me A Blue Bird
- Wagon Wheels
- Chip Off The Old Block
- Tennessee Stud
- Sittin By Sitting Bull
- Boot Hill'

Price: USD $19.00           

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03 When-My-Blue-Moon-Turns-To-Gold-Again (1951)