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CD D 314


Some great Western Swing from the late 1940s/50s from Groom, Slim and Howdy Forrester including some fine instrumentals.

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Track listing:

- I'm Talkin' To You
- Mocking Bird (instr.)
- You Never Should'a Done It
- Cotton-Eyed Joe
- 'Tain't Fair
- This Is The End
- I'll Hold You In My Heart
- I've Got My Gal
- Aint Nobody's Business
- Reach Up And Grab It
- Unwanted Love
- The Girl In My Arms
- Don't Be A Baby
- I Got A New Thrill From An Old Flame
- I'm So Lonesome
- Heartaches, Sadness And Tears
- It's Gonna Come Home To You
- Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
- Texas Wag'ner (instr.)
- Leather Britches (instr.)
- Can't Win For Losing You
- Butane Blues
- Heart After Heart
- Stop, Look And Listen
- Tired Of Living Blues
- Gospel Boogie
- Teardrops In The Chapel
- Mexican Joe

Price: USD $16.00           

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02-Mocking-bird (instr.)

28 Mexican-Joe (fiddle and vocal: Johnny-Gimble)