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CD D 636

CARL BUTLER – Remember The Alamo. BACM CD 636

Carl Butler began singing and playing guitar as a kid back in the 1930s and after wartime service began performing on radio leading to his first studio recordings in 1947 – that was accompanying one of his childhood hero-groups, the Bailes Brothers. He first appeared on the Opry in 1948 and began his solo recording career in 1950, initially on Columbia. Heenjoyed some success both as a songwriter and singer through the 1950s but only hit the big time in 1961 when he and his wife Pearl recorded Don’t Let Me Cross Over – which stayed at No. 1 for 11 weeks. Carl and Pearl went on to score a series of hits and successful albums throughout the 1960s and beyond, always staying ‘Pure country’. This collection covers the period from early 1958 to the early 1960s, 27 fine recordings many of them not previously released on CD and rare.

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Track listing:

My Cajun Baby
- I Like To Pretend
- Baby Im Waitin
- Oh How I Miss You
- You Jes Dont Steal From A Poor Man
- Grief In My Heart
- Remember The Alamo
- Im A Prisoner Of Love
- I Know Why I Cry
- Jealous Heart
- For The First Time
- Door
- Have You Run Out Of Lies
- If I Had Only Met You First
- She Was The Rose
- Honky Tonkitus
- Dont Let Me Cross Over
- Ill Cry Again Tomorrow
- I Know You Dont Love Me
- Wonder Drug
- Cry You Fool Cry
- Just For Fooling Around
- You Cant Insure A House Of Dreams
- So Close
- My Heart Tells Me
- Its Wrong To Be Jealous
- A Victim Of Lies

Price: USD $19.00           

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