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Bud & Bud-The Hooper Twins-622-150
CD D 622

BUD & BUD (The Hooper Twins) – Twin Hearts, Twin Guitars. BACM CD 622

East Texas twins J.E. (James) and G.A. (George) Hooper began playing the Houston country dance clubs in the mid 30s, cutting their first records in Houston in 1950 as Bud & Bud with J.E. on guitar, G.A. on mandolin. Our CD includes the best of their studio recordings, featuring top Houston session players of the era; plus a few of rare radio programs. Good foot tapping country with a nice mix of current hits, standards and western swing, their style, treading the live between honky-tonk and western swing.

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Track listing:

- Ghost Of Our Love Affair
- Wailin Wall
- The Best Way Out
- If I Cry
- A-Toom
- One More Little Heartbreak
- Each Time You Walk By
- Dark Streets
- Top Ten In Heaven
- That's What Happened To Me Yesterday
- Get Your Old Friend Off Your Mind
- I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
- I've Got Life To Live
- Oh Please Mr Conductor
- Poor Poor Me
- The Ballad Of Rod Brassfield aka Laughter In Heaven
- Please
- Black Roses
- Tell Me Does Your Conscience Bother You
- Darlin'
- My Nova Scotia Home
- I'll Sing My Song For You If You Want Me To
- The Violet And The Rose
- I'll Be There Before The Next Teardrop Falls
- I'll Get By Don't You Cry Over Me

Price: USD $16.00           

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