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CD D 130

BONNIE LOU Danger! Heartbreak Ahead. B.A.C.M. 130

Some nice 1950s Country and Pop-Country from this talented but nowadays largely forgotten performer. Interesting versions of "Just out of reach" and Jimmie Rodgers' "Train Whistle Blues".

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Track listing:

- Just Out Of Reach
- Tell The World
- Darling Why
- No One
- Please Don't Laugh When I Cry
- Old Faithful And True Love
- Finger Of Suspicion Points At You
- Wait For Me Darling
- Tennessee Wig Walk
- Scrap Of Paper
- No Heart At All
- Texas Polka
- Hand Me Down Heart
- Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
- A Rusty Old Halo
- Welcome Mat
- Miss The Love I've Been Dreaming Of
- Since You Said Goodbye
- Seven Lonely Days
- Blue Tennessee Rain
- Two Step Side Step
- Huckleberry Pie
- Train Whistle Blues
- Tweedle Dee

Price: USD $16.00           

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