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CD D 429

BILLY WILLIAMS – Livin’ Western Style. B.A.C.M. 429

Williams began his career as a pop/crooner vocalist with various popular bands but this CD covers his 1946/47 RAC sessions focusing on Western material recorded when on the edge of a (brief) movie career. Smooth crooner voice ("cross between Bing Crosby, Perry Como and Rex Allen") here with a super collection of songs - some of them well known Western standards plus some Williams originals including a superb "There's An Echo In The Canyon Tonight".

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Track listing:

- My Adobe Hacienda
- I'll Ride Across The Purple Sage
- If You Ever Had A Broken Heart
- I've Just Got To Be A Cowboy
- That Tumbled Down Shack (In The Valley)
- Two Silhouettes On The Prairie
- Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero
- Yipee Ki Aye
- There's An Echo In The Canyon Tonight
- I've Got A Gal In Laramie
- Out Where The Sun Says Goodnight
- Roundup Time For  Love
- Lonely Corral, Old Pard'ner
- You Are My Sunshine
- You Can Bet Your Boots And Saddles
- Just A Few Little Miles From Home
- Mary, Marry Me
- Got A Dolly Down In Dallas
- Heartbreak Trail
- Livin' In Western Style
- Till The End Of The World
- Yesterday's Kisses.  Bonus tracks: Big Rock Candy Mountain, Old Chisholm Trail, Home On The Range
- Old Susanna > > > {});

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Price: USD $16.00           

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