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CD D 608

BILLY HUGHES – Rose Of The Alamo. BACM CD 608

Our first compilation from Billy Hughes, the legendary fiddler and multi instrumentalist nowadays perhaps best remembered for his fiddle playing on Jack Guthrie sessions and also for his songwriting credits including writing Red Foley’s 1948 hit, Tennessee Saturday Night. He recorded relatively little under his own name (or names, for some he used "Dude Fargo") but we’ve managed to put together this collection. 27 songs, many of them Hughes’ own compositions, a few of them somewhat risqué!

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Track listing:

- I Cant Trust You Now
- Im Tellin You
- Its Too Late To Change Your Mind
- Stop That Stuff
- Milk Cow Blues
- Spanish Polka
- Low Down Baby
- Next To The Soil
- I Know Better Now
- Take Your Hands Off It-Birthday Cake
- Out Of Town Boogie
- Rose Of The Alamo
- Its Too Late To Change Your Mind
- Writin On The Wall
- Cocaine Blues
- Tennessee Farm
- You Done Daddy Dirty
- Im Goning To Stop My Worrying Over You
- Lets Go Back To Yesterday
- Shake Hands With The Devil
- You Better Know It
- Faded Love Letters
- Stealin The Blues
- Shadows On My Heart
- Blue As I Can Be
- (I’ve) Had That Kind Before
- Aint That Too Bad '

Price: USD $19.00           

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