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CD D 289

ART GIBSON featuring The Mountain Melody Boys. B.A.C.M. 289

An infectious honky tonk performer who wrote most of the songs featured in this collection; 25 from Mercury, his debut label, and both sides of his Replica single. All recorded between 1946 and 1954.

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Track listing:

- I'm Checking Out
- The Wages Of Sin
- I'm Looking High And Low For My Baby
- I'm Ashamed Of You
- I'm A Truck Driving Man
- Honky Tonk Mama
- I'm Backin' Up
- Gambling Blues
- I'm A-Walkin' And Talking To Myself
- A Little Love From You
- Everybody's Sweetheart
- AnyTime, Any Place
- I'm Free From You
- When I Leave Town Tonight
- My Memories Of The Past
- I'm Not Lookin' No More For No Woman
- Worried About My Gal
- Gallivantin' Woman
- Who's That Blonde
- I'm A Cry Cry Baby
- Road Of Regret
- Cold Hearted Blonde
- You Lied
- One More Waltz With You
- Same Old Thing All The Time
- No More Records
- I'm Checkin' In > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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03 I'm-looking-high-and-low-for-my-baby

25 Same Old Thing All The Time