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CD D 539

AL TERRY Better Late Than Never. BACM CD 539

Al Terry scored a rockabilly hit with Good Deal Lucille but this collection focuses on his earlier recordings, mainly ballads, showcasing his smooth baritone voice not dissimilar to Gene Autry, plus a couple of instrumentals and an interesting narration, a duo with Patti Lyles on I’m Still Waiting For You. Haunting steel and distinctive fiddle from Al’s brothers Bobby and Floyd respectively.

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Track listing:

- I'll Be Glad When I'm Free
- If You Want A Broken Heart
- I've Grown So Lonesome For You
- I Guess I'll Have To Face It All Alone
- H-A-D-A-C-O-L
- My Heart Cried Out With Pain
- Better Late Than Never
- I Really Tried
- Promise Made Promise Broken
- Shoot Me A Line
- God Was So Good (Cause He Let Me Keep You)
- How Can It Be
- When You Broke The Rules Of Love
- Without You
- What Can I Do
- I'm A Honky Tonkin Man
- I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way
- Walking And Crying With The Blues
- Bayou Man
- Last Night I Dreamed Of You Again
- Say A Prayer For Me
- I Nearly Made A Fool Of My Heart
- Open Strings (Instr)
- City Hall Rag (Instr)
- I'm Still Waiting For You
- Please Think Of Me
- You're Worse Than A Tramp > > > {});

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Price: USD $16.00           

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02-If-You-Want-A-Broken-Heart (1946)