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CD D 297

ADOLPH HOFNER Swing With The Music. B.A.C.M. 297

Hofner's band created a unique and highly distinctive style of Western Swing, blending Tex/Mex and Czech Polka influences. This selection spans their recording career all the way from the 1930s to the mid 50s.

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Track listing:

- The Tickle Toe Song
- Julida Polka
- Alamo Rag
- South Texas Swing
- Country Fair Polka
- Twilight Waltz
- South Of The Border In Laredo
- Happy Go Lucky Polka
- Someday Soon
- Night Time Down South
- Our Little Romance Is Through
- I’m Blue And Lonely
- Tickle Toe
- I Guess You Forgot
- Swing With The Music
- With You Still In My Heart
- Training Camp Shuffle
- Cerveny Satachek (Red Handkerchief)
- Baruska (Barbara) Polka
- U Studenky Sedela (At The Spring)
- There’s A Palace Down In Dallas
- Dis Syme Odpustik Prahu (Farewell To Prague)
- Sveskova Alej (The Prune Song)
- Wabash Blues
- Westphalia Waltz
- Texas Is My Home
- The Blue Bonnet Polka
- Please Don’t Take That Bottle From Me '

Price: USD $19.00           

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