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Ridge Dadio-words only

November 6, 2017

Monday 6th November! For two hours of authentic country music, tune in to Ridge Country, . Presented by my friend and neighbour – and long time collector of country records and guitars, Michael Van Boolen. It’s on air 3-5pm UK time**, today and every Monday.

Today’s show will include a special section on one of the backbones of Country Music – Trains! It will include train songs all the way from the 1920s – roots recordings by Henry Whitter, Jimmie Rodgers and the Rouse Brothers – through to Elvis, the king of Rock & Roll but always a Country boy at heart.

Michael welcomes requests and feedback – send to , but please put ‘Ridge Country’ as the email subject.

**That’s 11am-1pm E.S.T. and 8-10am West Coast time

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