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May 9, 2020

Paul Hazell’s World Of Country show is presently off air because of the lockdown, but reruns of past shows are being streamed thanks to Big River FM in New Zealand. You can listen by going to (we find that the stream works best on desktops rather than iphones or ipads). Time: 10pm Saturday UK time, that’s 5pm Saturday EST and 7am Sunday in Sydney.

Today, 9th May in UK and USA (10th May in US) TOMPALL GLAZER – a rerun of the 30th March 2014 show featuring a tribute to Tompall Glaser with his Nephew, Kevin Glaser, who had just written a book about him, plus a set of “MOTHER” SONGS. The show was originally broadcast on 30th March 2014 and is being run today to coincide with Mother’s Day in NZ.