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Cal Shrum 169

July 4, 2018

4th July, by coincidence, the birthday of both of the Shrum brothers, Cal Shrum (July 4, 1910- Mar 12, 1996), and  Walt Shrum (4th July, 1912 – 1st May 1, 1991), talented Missouri born C&W musicians and both associated with many of the top musicians of the developing Western Swing scene in the 30’s including Deuce Spriggins and Spade Cooley. So far BACM have released two collections of Cal’s recordings (CAL SHRUM & His Rhythm Rangers/ Colorado Hillbillies, BACM CD 169 and CAL SHRUM Vol. 2 Rodeo Rhythm. BACM CD 336). Walt is heard on several of the Colorado Hillbillies tracks on BACM 169.

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