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November 11, 2019

11th November – remembering Country fiddler Wade Ray (Lyman Wade Ray, April 13, 1913 – Nov 11, 1998), who performed and recorded with many great C&W and Western Swing performers across a long career but recorded remarkably few tracks under his own name. A child prodigy and vaudeville performer (as the Worlds Youngest Violin Player!), by the early 1930s he was playing jazzy fiddle and doing vocals with a Western swing group. Post war he was a mainstay with Patsy Montanas group the Prairie Ramblers, also recording with the Ozark Mountain Boys. In the late 40s he became a regular on The Rex Allen Show and later did regular spots with the Roy Rogers and Ernest Tubb shows. Having signed with RCA in 1951, he released 23 singles and a couple of solo albums, nowadays rare collector items. An exceptional talent, celebrated in BACMs CD 209, featuring Rays vocals and fine fiddle playing. ‘

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